Get the most out of Iceland in 4 days!

Want to get the most out of Iceland in a short amount of time? Then keep reading...

In March 2018, my partner and I did a road trip of the whole south coast in just 4 days. If you're like us, you might keep seeing tempting weekend trips to Reykjavik advertised all over the Internet for a fairly reasonable price. Holiday Pirates often list these at £160-£200pp for flights and accommodation. Not bad considering it's Iceland?

We thought about it, but realised we're not going to be seeing as much of magical Iceland as we'd like. It's a small country littered with beauty spots - so let's see what we can!

Car Hire:

Then began the research intro road-tripping... We found endless amounts of horror stories with car rentals charging excessive $$$ for the smallest scratch despite having full insurance cover. This was a BIG turnoff. A large bill at the end of your amazing trip is the last thing anyone wants. 

We persisted and fortunately found an actual reliable, decent and 5* review car rental company. Lotus Car Rental! Now before I continue, I don't have any connections to these people, I'm not being sponsored to recommend them, this is a genuine, honest recommendation and you won't be disappointed! Lotus are run by an Icelandic family so they take huge pride in running a reliable company, providing loyal customer service. The prices were a little more expensive but their insurance policies are legit. We found many of the other companies claim full protection but when you read the small print - it's far from the case which is how people get stung. We opted for the Platinum Insurance Package which covers you for everything and I mean, everything. If you're travelling in the depth of winter then I'd recommend this package as the roads can quickly turn into dangerous conditions. Lotus are a 5 minute walk from Keflavik airport (sat amongst the other hire companies). 

The Trip:

The full trip was planned over 4 days, however we flew out the night before and went back the morning after.